Linux Mint 17.3 user, was pleased to see updates for both the gtk and mostly the QT GUI (it's got the most potential...but..before it didn't have basic options, now it won't even turn on)

Added by Taylor Hall about 1 month ago

Audacious GTK turns on as normal, and I enjoy some of the new options there or more accurately existing options, that actually work as intended when they used to be quite buggy in GTK. Didn't QT despite my preference for well...its everything except that, not being able to take a file and move it anywhere on a playlist...winamp did that in 97. I got an email from one of the developers on the old account I made back then complaining about how the QT version is inferior, which is rare, take Avidemux for example, never would I use regular gtk Avidemux, it's always Avidemux QT.

Now that I see that this basic feature has been put in, as promised, it just refuses to turn on, nothing happens, system monitor indicates nothing. While if I turn Audacious regular, I'll call it that when meaning gtk, well, it works just as well as it used to, with some of its faults but with its improved features. I love Audacious, never will I go back to the memory hog that is Banshee, the only feature I miss was the BPM counter, which at one point in the pass was very accurate, but I don't know what happened, but suddenly it couldn't count BPM for songs with BPM's I know are faster than 200, and 1/4 of the time, the BPM plug-in gave a blank result....

I will give the system a reboot, since I have done many things in a few days, even played deep into the config to make the proprietary AMD Radeon driver work, which on Mint 17.3 isn't as easy as on the original Mint 17 or 17.1. From .2 and on, it became incredibly difficult.

So, I'll give you news after I have rebooted and see what happens, I know Avidemux QT demanded a reboot before working fine, it would turn on, but as a kind of blank white and black skeleton of what Avidemux looks like.

Hopeful things will work out, but if not, I,ll be coming back, too.