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July 11, 2016

11:34 Audacious Feature #626: Opus cover art
There's no API for retrieving the album art specifically.

October 15, 2015

16:03 Audacious Feature #579: Undo/redo feature for playlists editing
Must be merged with #544

October 14, 2015

07:49 Audacious Feature #502: Please add support for lyrics
To hell with it:
_Other Licensing Details:
Minimum Price: We offer data licensing packages, through our scalable ...
07:45 Audacious Feature #579 (Rejected): Undo/redo feature for playlists editing
There many scenarios when you accidentally do certain things to your playlists and you want to undo them.
Please m...
07:40 Audacious Feature #578 (Rejected): Immutable playlists
Please make it possible to right click the tab of a playlist and mark the said playlist immutable so that it cannot b...

August 07, 2015

23:33 Audacious Bug #564: Stream pausing is broken
John Lindgren wrote:
> Pause works fine for short periods of time, which is all it's intended for. We're not going ...
10:10 Audacious Bug #564: Stream pausing is broken
I say that "pause" for streams does _not_ work in Audacious at all, you say the user shouldn't press this button?

August 06, 2015

18:16 Audacious Bug #564 (Rejected): Stream pausing is broken
This bug is actually ages old and even XMMS had it.
So, the problem is when you hit "pause" and then hit resume, t...

June 19, 2015

09:36 Audacious Feature #553 (New): History tab/plugin
It would be nice if Audacious kept a track/history of all played tracks in the following format:
Date started play...

May 23, 2015

14:28 Audacious Bug #523: FLAC plugin broken on Windows 8.1, FFMPEG plugin works
JM Phone Home wrote:
> !!
> Audacious 3.6.1 crashes on windows 8.1 with flac files, any hint?
You may help by co...

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