MPRIS plugin Playlists interface

Added by Pieter Voet over 7 years ago


for my own convenience I'm using the 'gnome-shell-extensions-mediaplayer' to be able to quickly select music thru the Gnome3 toolbar.
( ). This extension works with MPRIS capable players.
With that, 'audacious' is my favourite player, and it basically works with the shell-extension. However, there is no 'Playlists' support,
and I found this explanation :

Is says 'These interfaces require a different type of playlist structure than that used in Audacious, so they will not be implemented. '.

I think having this feature is really convenient, so I started getting the source-code and played around a bit..
Eventually I got things to work out...

( not sure the image above will display..)

I've got my code changes available for anyone interested, just drop my an email.

Have a nice day.