RMI playing in Audacious

Added by Jonathan Cabezas almost 7 years ago

Hello, I am Jonathan Cabezas from Chile and want to speak about "RMI". RMI is the MIDI system song with DLS soundbank, that on windows can open and write in Awave Studio. In Awave Studio can play RMI songs, but it has a low volume, compared with an audiotrack from CD. Normally the audiotrack arrives to 0db, but in change the MIDI, RMI... are listening down 0db. The thing is that I would like to Audacious reading the RMI with the volume similar to audiotrack from CD or OGG, MP3, WAV...
I compose the music with Guitar Pro 5.2 and loading the Soundfont "SF2" with "Configure VirtualMIDISynth". And export the MIDI song and open with Awave Studio and touch the SF2 and put in the SF2, and export the MIDI/SF2 like RMI.
I put the example where are all files.

example.7z (125 KB) example.7z Concertina RMI example