I have nothing I miss from Banshee other than one thing - no BPM detector, even in plugins.

Added by Nicholas Flynn over 3 years ago

There was a time a long time ago, 4-5 years ago when Banshee was my main player (it was until about early last year), Banshee used, I say used to, because well, in Linux Mint MATE and Linux Mint Debian Edition (I got LMDE on an older computer I use as a mail server, sometimes, I'm having trouble right now so I can't have my own email server but that won't last when I give it the time required. At the time, Banshee was able to detect BPM's past 200, I bet version 2.91 where they are now can do it, but there's just no way to install Banshee 2.9x on Mint due to the kernel it deems the safest to use. I tried to compile it like some other recalcitrant programs where I did compile the thing, I'm unable to compile Banshee 2.9x and I think if I was to it would break the entire system, as it happened so often when I was learning how to Linux starting from late 2010 with Ubuntu 11.04 and 11.10.

Could you please consider adding that? Also a lesser request, just a way to give songs a rating, sometimes a song's title isn't even uttered in the song so I forget what song I particularly enjoyed on an album, and I have a 66k file of well organized digital flac or mp3 albums also a lot of physical music because well, I just ended up getting the albums that I like when I got a job relating to my college's diploma, it took a while, but now I'm buying tons of music like I always wanted to. Anyway, the 5 star system on Banshee/Rhythmbox (I hate the latter but they're pretty related is my understanding). I switched to Audacious when I realized it let me tell the system to use ALSA and ignore PulseAudio, and since then I am pretty much sold to it. I only miss the times when I was using Banshee and it was able to be accurate in the BPM detection, songs over 200 bpm would be detected and not simply be rated 200bpm, which is the max they ever get, or something ridiculous like 34, like if at 200 and the BPM was 224, it would be indicated this way.

I'll give a donation to have such features added if push comes to shove :) Your software is great, it's my Linux's partition Winamp Pro 5.666 with my very own .eqm or whatever the extension is for saved equalizer settings, which I think can be brought over to Audacious, but the thing is, those settings make the crappy windows driver, even if proprietary sound good in Windows 7, not exactly for Audacious using ALSA.

Alright, that's it for now, continue the great job and I hope my suggestions can be implemented in the future.