Recording: Start new file automatically [feature request]

Added by Holger Laux over 3 years ago


I do like the fact that you can record Internet streams in Audacious, but I wuld like to see a small update to make it more useful, please.

To illustrate the suggestion, I am listening to a radio stream on

For most of the time, this is just an automated jukebox service, playing one song after another. They do, however, provide song information and Audacious is able display it.

If I press Record, a file is created with the current song info as file name and sound recorded into this file until I press the Record button again, which may be several songs later.

If possible, I would like Audacious to watch out for a change in song info, then close the current file and open a new one with the new info.

Would this be be very difficult to achieve?

Many thanks and kind regards,

Holger (running ver. 3.8.2 under Debian)