Feature wish: GameBoy Advance sound file support

Added by Grzechu Grek over 3 years ago

(Sorry if my english isn't very well)
I'd tested this Audacious and it's work well.
And I like he's console soundtracks support: NintendoDS(.mini2sf files) and GameBoy(.gbs files).
But there lack a GameBoy Advance(GBA) soundtracks support(*.minigsf files).
I wish Audiacous to play those soundtracks.

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RE: Feature wish: GameBoy Advance sound file support - Added by S WTY over 1 year ago

Would filing a bug report give this request any further attention?

I recently tried to use (Audacious port of Winamp GSF plug-in) but it appears to have been written for Audacious 3.x and I'm currently using Audacious 4.1 so it doesn't even compile. I considered making an attempt to try to update it for Audacious 4.x but I don't know anything about Audacious plug-in development (is there a guide to specifications somewhere?).

Like Grzechu, I was pleasantly surprised to find Audacious has built-in support for GBS and 2SF, but disappointed that it does not handle GSF. Between GSF and USF ( support, these are the only things I'm missing where I was previously using Winamp over Wine (which has its own set of problems).