Maybe a bigger wish | a analog VU-Meter

Added by Michi Poli almost 2 years ago

Hello, good people.

I am new here and I come from Switzerland.

I have installed and tested the latest Audaciuos-4.0 Qt version with the Distri PCLinuxOS.

A very fat thank you to all of you, the features especially of the Sample Rate Converter works very well and can be adapted to the corresponding sound cards.
If I may suggest one new features ( Maybe a bigger wish ). :)

A analod VU meter.

I already have the Jack-Audio Meterbridge with analog VU-Meter and it looks like this in stereo mode only with Jack ( screenshot ),

Would it be possible to integrate a classic analog VU-Meter into Audaciuos that looks similar to the analog VU-Meter on the screenshot?

As idea, if Audaciuos is as skin modus running tha show as new window and if Audaciuos is as qt interface running then the analog VU-Meter can use very similar the digital VU-Meter, in the main window integrated or it as separate window?

Or, if is possible an new develop that the analog VU-Meter can as stand a lone run, a complementary audacious-meter bin file that can load the analog VU-Meter Qt window without the Audaciuos main window and Audaciuos process and that can run with all audio drivers e.g. ALSA, OSS, Pulse ( I know a big question mark / wish )? :)

Just a information, it need very low cpu load, if the plugins are correctly adjusted to corresponding the hardware, othervise very high cpu load also plugins are deactivated.

Again many thanks

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