Unwanted keyboard shortcuts

Added by Jud Peterson 8 months ago

I just downloaded and installed V4.1 and found that the Z,X,C,V and B keys are acting as the transport:
Z is previous track
X is rewind to beginning
C is pause
V is Stop
B is Next track
Is there any way to disable this? I am fine with using Space, Alt+up, Alt+down as the transport.

I'd like to use ZXCVB to take advantage of the new iTunes-esque "type to search" function (Thanks for implementing that.. it was probably my only gripe with 4.0.5)

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RE: Unwanted keyboard shortcuts - Added by Jud Peterson 5 months ago

So if anyone reads this and has the same problem, I figured out that if you click in the column in which you want to search, hold Shift, and then type the letters, it will type to search just like in iTunes. I can live with this👍