Huge memory consumption - Audacious 3.2.4, Windows 7

Added by Dusan Zahumensky almost 8 years ago


I want to report a memory issue, when I noticed that there is huge memory consumption in this application when I look into the Task manager -> Processes. When I open this application for the 1st time there is 8 MB memory consumption. Ok, it seems to be fine but after that for example in 10-15 minutes (it could be in idle case) it consumes more then 8 MB around 15 MB but I didn't run any songs or make any settings to make a changes. So guys where is a problem? Could you report this into your helpdesk or issue report and fix it? After 1 hour it consumes around 50MB of memory. For example other application such as Winamp has less consumtion of memory.



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RE: Huge memory consumption - Audacious 3.2.4, Windows 7 - Added by Conde Mor almost 8 years ago

On first place, thank you for porting Audacious to Windows. I'm a Audacious user for years on OpenSUSE, but always need to use WinAmp on Windows. This will change now.

On Windows 7, for me , Audacious eat about 17MB (19MB when using Crossface plugin). WinAmp is consuming 31MB just playing the same playlist. However, plugins installed on WinAmp are huge.

In the other way, I think Audacious need soon a remote plugin, and that's the best way to get more fans. There is yet now a remote for Android ( but the programmer need to make his own server and this controls Audacious.

Good job anyway