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Request re Album Art using music file metatag

Added by Jim Phillips almost 4 years ago.

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August 03, 2020
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Hi there
I am new to this forum - thanks to all involved in this great, usable music player.

I don't have any criticism of Audacious, but I have one request:

It's about the search for album art image when a music file plays.

When a track plays, and it searches for album cover artwork, it will look for the list of generic names - eg cover,front,folder etc.

I have a music collection which was mostly built using Winamp, where the album art search looks at the metatag of the music file, and if there's an image file with the same name as the 'Album' field, it will use that, and if not, it will go for the generic image names.

The main advantage of this is that music files within the same folder can have different cover images (plus it's easier to manage album art image files when they are not all called 'folder.jpg', because they have to be renamed when they themselves are in the same folder.)

How difficult would it be to put this extra facility into Audacious? Foobar2000 for Windows was one music player that allowed this to be configured.

Thanks very much for looking at this.

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