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Bug #1025 (New): Debian's /etc/mime.types should contain audpl (audacious playlist) extention
Hey! I noticed that Audacious playlist fil ... from your side - please let me know. Thanks! September 19, 2020 14:07
Feature #918 (New): Replace libguess with libuchardet
Thoughts on replacing libguess with libuchardet? It's more portable and supports more languages. November 19, 2019 01:48
Feature #697 (Rejected): DIsable resuming in playlist manager when double clicking a playlist
I'd like to request an option to change the b ... ist manager, to behave more like traditional portable media players, so that when an entry is doub ... arts from the beginning, instead of resuming. January 22, 2017 05:17
Feature #613 (Rejected): Installer for Windows users
I'm an Audacious user for years, in Linux. Bu ... cal installer for Windows users? Thank you January 08, 2016 11:30
Feature #600 (Rejected): Export with file copy option
I would like to see the ability to export a p ... playlists that could be copied directly to a portable mp3 player. December 02, 2015 04:45
Bug #568 (Closed): Absolute paths in M3U play ... ot converted from ISO-8859-1 on UTF-8 systems
Currently audacious reads and writes M3U play ... Using Audacious 3.5 on Ubuntu 15.04 64-bit. August 19, 2015 01:12