Stephan Sokolow



January 31, 2013

08:14 Audacious Bug #246 (Closed): Over-eager "No such file or directory" dialog makes it difficult to remove missing files from the playlist
Because any attempt to read from a file can trigger the "Cannot open ...: No such file or directory" dialog, removing...

November 26, 2012

06:11 Audacious Bug #218 (Closed): "Close Playlist" dialog ignores GTK dialog button order
When gtk-alternative-button-order=0, GTK+ applications are supposed to put the OK/Yes/Confirm button to the right of ...

October 05, 2012

12:01 Audacious Bug #191 (Closed): Keyboard focus is not updated properly after editing playlist
If I reorder the playlist and then use Alt+Q to queue a song for playback, the new occupant of the song's old index i...

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