Domen Mori

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August 22, 2020

12:02 Audacious Feature #1017 (New): QT Global Hotkeys rework proposal and cross-platform support
I would like to rework QT global hotkeys plugin to also work on Windows and Mac (does audacious even work on mac)?

September 10, 2019

18:20 Audacious Feature #786: Port global hotkeys plugin to Windows
I have been playing with audacious recently. I will implement this, you can assign it to me.

February 09, 2019

07:51 Audacious Feature #872 (Closed): Build song change plugin for WIndows
I implemented song change for Windows, pull request was accepted.

August 25, 2018

03:10 Audacious Bug #823 (Closed): Audtool doesn't output UTF-8 on Windows
This can be observed when output contains special characters. For example:...

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