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  • Audacious (Manager, Developer, July 14, 2012)


April 07, 2021

18:02 Audacious Audacious: RE: url
Audacious supports multiple playlists. So create a separate one and only add the radio stations there.
You can do ...

March 19, 2021

20:27 Audacious Support #1074: slider visual style mismatch
Do you mean the dotted rectangle which looks odd around the slider?
There is no clean solution to remove this.

March 10, 2021

17:39 Audacious Audacious: RE: I do not know how to search for an artist by name in a playlist
Use the "Jump to Song" dialog (CTRL+J) or search directly in the playlist with CTRL+F.

March 04, 2021

00:18 Audacious Audacious: RE: Change keyboard shortcuts
You can connect the activated signal of the tree view to "action_add_to_playlist" instead of "action_play".
There is...

March 02, 2021

19:50 Audacious Audacious: RE: remote control not working when switching tty
You may try the Arch Linux Archive (
to downgrade Plasma aga...
19:45 Audacious Audacious: RE: Change keyboard shortcuts
> If I want to change the shortcut keys used, is my only option to dive into the source, change there and recompile?

February 26, 2021

18:20 Audacious Plugin Development: RE: triggering plugin from keystroke
You can use audtool (shipped with Audacious) to query the file name and print it to the terminal.
See audtool --help...

February 17, 2021

21:18 Audacious Feature #1072: QT AOSD plugin
The AOSD plugin depends on GTK and has not been ported to Qt yet.
Regarding the missing Hotkey plugin:
I forwarde...

February 11, 2021

18:57 Audacious Support #1069: Make various windows dockable.
> Is it only available on the QT interface perhaps?
Yes and no. ;)
The GTK interface allows docking of most plugi...

February 10, 2021

22:41 Audacious Support #1065: How do I add music folders in version 4.0.5? What am I supposed to put in the Name field?
Select one of these folders and then click the Open button. That's it.
If you want to add your whole Music directory...

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