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  • Audacious (Manager, Developer, July 14, 2012)


November 04, 2023

11:58 Audacious Bug #1218: pipewire and volume level
I have asked the PipeWire developer(s), their answer is that PipeWire uses a linear scale for the volume.

July 02, 2023

22:06 Audacious Feature #603 (Closed): Disc number tags
Implemented by zeripath with these pull requests:
- h...

May 31, 2023

22:05 Audacious Feature #1216: Can't sort tracks in a playlist by bitrate
This is also the case with the Qt interface.
Sorting by bitrate is also missing in the menu bar (Playlist -> Sort ->...

May 26, 2023

16:50 Audacious Bug #1214 (Closed): Alt+I keyboard shortcut does not work
16:35 Audacious Feature #1213 (Closed): Mute/unmute with middle mouse click on volume button
Implemented for Qt and GTK:

May 25, 2023

18:03 Audacious Bug #1214: Alt+I keyboard shortcut does not work
This affects only the French translation in which the menu item "Playlist" is translated with "i" as mnemonic, causin...

April 29, 2023

22:36 Audacious Bug #809: Lots of indicator-sound systemd journal messages
This is not a bug in Audacious.
If anyone is still affected by this:
The bug report below for "indicator-sound-g...
21:25 Audacious Bug #1188 (Closed): Trying to use mpg123 on a SymMOD
Marking as closed, fixed with the Pull Request by Matti Tiainen.

April 26, 2023

00:18 Audacious Support #1212 (Closed): OptiPNG optimized PNG files
Thanks, applied with
00:09 Audacious Bug #1211 (Closed): Seeking to the end of a FLAC file can cause playing it from the beginning with current time doubling

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