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February 21, 2020

18:56 Audacious Audacious: RE: Adding several folders to the library?
It's not possible to add multiple folders currently. You can open a feature request, or better, see if you can write...
18:54 Audacious Support #940: Audacious fails to build on OpenIndiana Hipster 2019.10
Look at line 52:
@ ICONV_CONST char * in = (ICONV_CONST char *)str;@
The prototype of @iconv@ varies from sy...

January 14, 2020

17:51 Audacious Audacious: RE: Audacious 4.0b - No audio output
Alex F wrote:
> I play 10 tracks, and i see 10 new WAV files in my home folder
That's what the "Output to file" o...
17:48 Audacious Support #927 (Closed): Stream takes unusually long to resume after system restart
Closing due to lack of response.
17:47 Audacious Support #931 (Closed): Google recaptcha required 20+ tests to create my account
17:47 Audacious Feature #936 (Rejected): Waveform Seekbar Plugin
#533 was closed because no one stepped up to work on it. What do you think you are accomplishing by opening a new is...
17:45 Audacious Support #933 (Rejected): User requirements document
Closing due to missing information and no response from submitter.
17:44 Audacious Support #938 (Closed): How to install start menu icon in ubuntu when compiling from source?
No offense, but I think you should become more familiar with the way Linux applications and desktop environments work...
17:39 Audacious Bug #939 (Rejected): When audacious is started amplifier switches to DTS
17:36 Audacious Bug #937 (Rejected): Bitrate in playlist is incorrect
> Than still it's strange that the status bar gives another value (which is afaik the selected one while encoded).

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