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October 24, 2020

03:05 Audacious Bug #1018 (Rejected): Drag and drop support is broken in latest KDE
03:04 Audacious Bug #1018: Drag and drop support is broken in latest KDE
It looks like KDE has fixed this recently:
00:41 Audacious Support #952 (Closed): Flathub / Snap Store
Flathub has Audacious now so it looks like we can close this. Thanks to all who worked on it!
00:40 Audacious Support #1026 (Closed): Start time
I hope that solution worked for you. Closing since it's been a little while.
00:30 Audacious Bug #1027 (Closed): Compile crashes on Ubuntu 20.04.1LTS (ARM64/RPi4B)
Should be fixed now:

October 23, 2020

23:57 Audacious Bug #1021 (Rejected): GTK with winamp cover, After pressing the buttons quickly.
Audacious doesn't interact with xcb directly -- this would have to be a GTK (or xcb) bug, most likely.
Closing -- ...
23:54 Audacious Bug #1023 (Rejected): Queue position column order
I'm closing this since the program is working as intended. If there's a use-case for wanting to sort the playlist in ...
23:50 Audacious Bug #1024 (Rejected): Some columns head don't show any tag
23:49 Audacious Bug #1025 (Rejected): Debian's /etc/mime.types should contain audpl (audacious playlist) extention
23:48 Audacious Bug #1030 (Closed): Album cover image does not display from ID3v2.2 tag

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