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December 08, 2019

15:00 Audacious Bug #926 (Rejected): Need to press twice for shortcut to work
Something else in your system is probably grabbing Super + F5. There is nothing special in our handling of that part...
14:58 Audacious Bug #927: Stream takes unusually long to resume after system restart
I can't reproduce. Please attach the log from "audacious -V" when it takes a long time to restart.
14:54 Audacious Bug #928 (Rejected): Playback position isn't saved after system restart
This is not something we can fix. Ubuntu needs to fix their OS to close Audacious cleanly when you log out. We hand...

December 06, 2019

16:47 Audacious Feature #674: Display song info when hovering over shaded window
In theory, the change I pushed on the GTK side should translate almost directly. (Widget::motion() and Widget::leave...
02:50 Audacious Feature #674 (Closed): Display song info when hovering over shaded window
Simplified and applied, thanks:
02:02 Audacious Feature #436 (Rejected): read support for Lyrics3v2 tag
No core developer has had time/interest to implement this in the past 5 years. Closing.
01:59 Audacious Feature #190 (Rejected): Add a way to protect a playlist
#660 is similar. I think we would go that route (make the playlist read-only) if we implement something like this.
01:54 Audacious Feature #214 (Rejected): Common queue for all playlists
I don't think we'll implement this. It adds complexity; and I personally think it would be a bit confusing, from a u...

December 03, 2019

14:40 Audacious Feature #602: Restoring XMMS "AUTO" (entry-specific) equalizer settings (patch/suggestion included).
Thanks Jim. I don't have time to work on porting your changes myself, but I would review a pull request if someone h...

December 02, 2019

20:57 Audacious Feature #501 (Rejected): Allow vector fonts in rolled-up playlist
The problem is that the rolled-up playlist is usually too small to display a vector font legibly.
The skinned UI r...

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