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November 11, 2018

01:53 Audacious Feature #843 (Closed): Sort folders after files in playlist
Implemented by this commit:
01:00 Audacious Feature #841: command line option to start playing if not playing
Yep, this is pretty simple with audtool:...

November 10, 2018

05:35 Audacious Bug #840: Adding volume via scroller forwards song
Are you familiar with using a debugger? Can you set a breakpoint on aud_drct_seek() and determine if it's being call...

November 01, 2018

04:50 Audacious Bug #831 (Closed): Playlist drag-and-drop no longer working in 3.10 (Qt UI)
04:49 Audacious Bug #831: Playlist drag-and-drop no longer working in 3.10 (Qt UI)
So, my bad, I checked again and this actually got broken (by me, oops) in 3.10, in the Qt UI. It was working in 3.9....
04:21 Audacious Bug #833 (Rejected): Test fails on s390x (Alpine Linux)
04:20 Audacious Feature #836 (Rejected): go back to the start of current track
Double-clicking on the track in the playlist will do the same, as well.
Closing since this feature already exists.
04:15 Audacious Feature #835: PLAYLIST tab -- right click on tab should open context menu (an enhancement suggestion)
Yes, this would be nice. The GTK UI has such a menu with "Play", "Rename", and "Remove" items.
I want to eventual...
04:12 Audacious Feature #837: "Toggle Player Window" hotkey should activate/unminimize the window
It gets tricky under X11. I tried to make the behavior as you describe once before, but ran into some issues. One w...

October 23, 2018

23:46 Audacious Plugin Development: RE: Heads-up: ALSA 1.1.7 breaks Audacious
So fix ALSA? Point releases (1.1.6 -> 1.1.7) are by definition not supposed to break API.
Edit: 1.1.7 is working ...

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