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04:11 Audacious Support #1051 (Rejected): Loudness regulation bumping in music with high dynamics
Closing due to no response.
04:08 Audacious Feature #1068 (Rejected): Browsing with album art
This would be a feature better suited for a heavier-weight, database-based player. Audacious really just wasn't desig...
04:02 Audacious Support #1074 (Closed): slider visual style mismatch
I'd personally vote that we leave this up to the Qt style. Fusion for one already doesn't draw a focus rectangle.
03:58 Audacious Support #1069 (Closed): Make various windows dockable.
You can dock things on both sides with Qt too.
Sounds like we can go ahead and close this.
03:54 Audacious Bug #1056 (Rejected): Audacious hangs on CTRl+F in big playlist with big files (mixes)
03:54 Audacious Bug #1056: Audacious hangs on CTRl+F in big playlist with big files (mixes)
Okay, closing this since there's not really any way to work on it without a reproducer.
03:52 Audacious Support #1081 (Closed): Incorrect multichannel mapping when audio passthrough is enabled through alsa
Let's track this under #196. There's some discussion there already (from several years ago). If you want to work on i...
03:48 Audacious Bug #196: Wrong channel map when doing surround playback
Removing "with PulseAudio" from the title as this is a broader issue and affects e.g. ALSA as well. See also #1081.
03:45 Audacious Feature #1075 (Closed): Ogg FLAC stream support
Thanks Jim! I cleaned up the patch a bit and pushed it to master:
00:34 Audacious Feature #1077 (Rejected): Multi playlist tabs
Audacious already support multiple playlists.

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