René Rhéaume



June 12, 2016

11:20 Audacious Plugin Development: RE: Skeleton plugin code for Audacious 3.7?
John Lindgren wrote:
> If you just want to know how to declare the header and such:
> [...]
> Beyond that,...

June 11, 2016

21:21 Audacious Plugin Development: Skeleton plugin code for Audacious 3.7?
Is there dummy/empty/template plugin code for Audacious 3.7.x somewhere? Plugins in audacious-plugins do not seem to ...
19:32 Audacious Bug #649: Inaccurate PSF emulation + Seek bug
I have that file and the missing crash cymbal sound.

September 06, 2014

16:35 Audacious Feature #459: Musepack SV8 playback on Linux (Ubuntu)
ffaudio was not really stable even with Musepack SV7.
I grabbed the old Musepack Audacious plugin code (on the Mus...

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