Jim Turner



September 29, 2021

05:39 Audacious Audacious: RE: play DTS
Sure. You can email it to me (click on my name above to get my email address). No promises, but I'll be happy to ta...

August 12, 2021

03:00 Audacious Feature #1116: feature request: miniview mode with QT or GTK interace
That sounds like a neat idea, but I'd like to propose a slightly different (easier?) way to implement:
Make this par...

May 17, 2021

15:36 Audacious Feature #1093: Make the Song Dialog (Qt) window wider by default
Perhaps, a horiz. scrollbar for when fields run off the right edge then?

May 15, 2021

19:47 Audacious Audacious: RE: Audacious - How to set rating to a song
How did you set the "5-star rating" in/on your mp3 files (which id3 tag, database, etc.?) and with what software / wh...
19:35 Audacious Plugin Development: RE: request: daap - itunes sharing protocol
Have you tried Audacious's Ampache plugin? According to this, Ampache can handle DAAP, perhaps?:

May 12, 2021

04:58 Audacious Plugin Development: RE: Song Change: writing to directly to file instead of running a command
Hi Richard,
I just tried this (using the command: echo "%T by %a" >>/tmp/testpipe) on Linux and it works just as ...

April 17, 2021

06:53 Audacious Plugin Development: RE: Playing Radio Paradise via M3U8
Seems to work fine now (in Audacious v4.1+). Also, your example is NOT an m3u8 stream, but an aac stream!

April 14, 2021

00:53 Audacious Feature #1075: Ogg FLAC stream support
@Joe - Nope. But if you rebuilt w/my patch, I'd recommend rebuilding again w/John's as it's pbly better, but I haven...

April 13, 2021

00:43 Audacious Feature #1075: Ogg FLAC stream support
@Joe - Did you get a chance to build & thoroughly test it & did it work for you?

April 03, 2021

16:06 Audacious Feature #1075: Ogg FLAC stream support
I took a stab at this, since you're correct - Audacious can't play these with either the Vorbis or Flac plugins, but ...

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