Audacious on Windows

Added by Kajetan Krykwiński over 4 years ago

I've been using Audacious on Linux for years, anyway Windows is my main platform.
Audacious is working great, has very small footprint (it's not even comparable with Winamp ;) ), anyway I have few remarks / suggestions.

- Package with 3.3.4/Windows has 3.3.3 inside ;)
- There's no translations packaged.
- There should be .exe installer. Most of WinUsers i know are too lazy to unpack, move files, etc. And installer can associate audio files with audacious
- (wish) native Windows look of GUI. Removing font line from ./etc/gtk-3.0/settings.ini does part of trick (anti-aliased system font), but this seems to be GTK3 issue (still no native theme?).
- (pain-in-the-...) missing Global Hotkeys plugin. This is probably the biggest issue as for now. The OSD one should be useful too.

Anyway, thanks for your awesome work!

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RE: Audacious on Windows - Added by Andrei usr_share over 4 years ago

Yes, lack of the global hotkeys plugin is the only reason why I'm still using Foobar2000 on my Windows machines.

RE: Audacious on Windows - Added by John Lindgren over 4 years ago

Kajetan Krykwiński wrote:

- Package with 3.3.4/Windows has 3.3.3 inside ;)

It was actually 3.3.4 but the version number had not been updated. Please see for an updated build.

RE: Audacious on Windows - Added by meta tech 3 months ago

Regarding the Global Hotkeys, the following AutoHotkey works fine under Windows 10 and Audacious 3.8.2 :

#IfWinExist, ahk_exe audacious.exe

; Previous Song
    ControlSend, ahk_parent, z, ahk_class gdkWindowToplevel

; Play/Pause
    ControlSend, ahk_parent, c, ahk_class gdkWindowToplevel

; Next Song
    ControlSend, ahk_parent, b, ahk_class gdkWindowToplevel