Bug #113

Ogg Vorbis detection and linking issues?

Added by Michael Schwendt over 5 years ago. Updated over 5 years ago.

Status:Closed Start date:May 17, 2012
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Target version:3.2.3
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This is in reply to the "Audacious 3.2.2 does not compile in OpenSuSE 12.1" thread in the forum, but with regard to latest git code.




  • uses ${OGG_VORBIS_CFLAGS} but not ${OGG_VORBIS_LIBS}


  • runs a pkgconfig module check for Ogg Vorbis in two locations,
    defining OGG_VORBIS_CFLAGS and OGG_VORBIS_LIBS two times,
    once for $have_oggvorbis, the second time for $have_vorbisenc in the filewriter_vorbis check,
    both checks can be disabled independently, so this is okay, but:
  • includes the optional libvorbisfile library "vorbisfile.pc" in both Ogg Vorbis module checks,
    because the base "vorbis" plugin depends on it - the filewriter doesn't
  • in the filewriter_vorbis check, the "ogg vorbis vorbisfile" check is repeated when it really wants
    "ogg vorbis vorbisenc". Instead, an explicit pkg-config command-line invocation is added to the
    FILEWRITER_CFLAGS and FILEWRITER_LIBS variables to query "vorbisenc.pc"

Attached (albeit untested) patch would fix that. For the filewriter, it introduces OGG_VORBISENC_CFLAGS and OGG_VORBISENC_LIBS.

audacious-plugins-oggvorbis-2.patch Magnifier (1.8 kB) Michael Schwendt, May 17, 2012 22:57

Associated revisions

Revision ea1d4a56
Added by John Lindgren over 5 years ago

Fix detection of Ogg Vorbis libraries. Closes: #113.

Revision 06047933
Added by John Lindgren about 5 years ago

Fix detection of Ogg Vorbis libraries. Closes: #113.


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I made things simple and just used the same command line switch (--disable-vorbis), same pkg-config check, and same CFLAGS and LIBS for both the Vorbis decoder and the Vorbis encoder in filewriter.

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