Bug #136

modplug plugin includes sys/mman.h but it doesn't seem to need it.

Added by Carlo Bramini about 5 years ago. Updated about 5 years ago.

Status:Closed Start date:June 23, 2012
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Target version:3.2.4
Affects version:3.2.3


The file:


includes sys/mman.h but it does not seem to be required.
Instead, it looks like that there are not sources using mmap() and unmap() stuff and this file is the only one that it includes it.
Actually, the inclusion of this file breaks the compilation of the plugin: if it is not required by some platform or for some reason, it would be better to remove it or at least make it conditional.

On previous version, I was able to make it working by simply removing that line; on newer version in the repository, I do not know what it happens, since I'm still trying to make working GTK+3 on my mingw+msys.

Associated revisions

Revision 8e224a66
Added by John Lindgren about 5 years ago

modplug: Don't include sys/mman.h. Closes: #136.

Revision 64e77cbf
Added by John Lindgren almost 5 years ago

modplug: Don't include sys/mman.h. Closes: #136.


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