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Automatic Playlist sorting

Added by Brandon Watkins over 5 years ago. Updated 11 months ago.

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I have a very large media library, and not all the files are consistently named (i.e. not all of them have tracknumber in filename). Unfortunately audacious seems to sort playlists by the tracknumber in the filenames, and not the tracknumber in the id3 tags. This causes undesired behavior where created playlists have the tracks all out of order, so I have to go to platlist > sort every single time I make a playlist. It could be really nice if audacious had an option to automatically sort all new playlists according to the custom title sorting setting.

This small feature would make audacious infinitely more usable for me!


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This is currently impossible since the ID3 tags are read in the background after the files have been added to the playlist.

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Closing some old requests that no one has had time to implement.

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