Bug #171

Ten Consecutive Uses of Modplug Stops Playback

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Status:Closed Start date:August 31, 2012
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Target version:3.3.2
Affects version:3.3


Playing any ten songs that consecutively use modplug causes all playback to stop. Skipping a song (using Next etc.) will reset the count, however dragging the progress bar indicator near the end does not reset the count. (Placing the indicator at the very end seems to be ignored and the whole song plays.) A mixture of song types (.xm and .mod) were tested and still causes the problem as well as using one song on repeat and 10 different songs. The playback ends regardless of what the eleventh song type is.

There is another bug that sounds similar, Bug #56, but it didn't seem to be the exact same.

Tested with audacious 3.3 on Sabayon i686.

Fanfare.xm - A 4 sec file that after 10 repetitions will trigger the bug. (53 kB) dontregister dontregister, August 31, 2012 06:08


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