Bug #746

Audacious should simply ignore not existent files in playlist (like winamp)

Added by vyachelsav ruban 2 months ago. Updated 2 months ago.

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Target version:3.10
Affects version:3.9


I use winamp interface.
And I have m3u playlist like:
Old Man's Child - 2003 - In Defiance Of Existence
Old Man's Child/2003 - In Defiance Of Existence/01 - Felonies Of The Christian Art.mp3
Old Man's Child/2003 - In Defiance Of Existence/02 - Agony Of Fallen Grace.mp3
Old Man's Child/2003 - In Defiance Of Existence/03 - Black Seeds On Virgin Soil.mp3
Old Man's Child/2003 - In Defiance Of Existence/04 - In Defiance Of Existance.mp3
Old Man's Child/2003 - In Defiance Of Existence/05 - Sacrifice Of Venegeance.mp3
Old Man's Child/2003 - In Defiance Of Existence/06 - The Soul Receiver.mp3
Old Man's Child/2003 - In Defiance Of Existence/08 - The Underworld Domains.mp3
Old Man's Child/2003 - In Defiance Of Existence/09 - Life Deprived.mp3
Norther - 2003 - Mirror Of Madness
Norther/2003 - Mirror Of Madness/01 - Blackhearted.mp3
Norther/2003 - Mirror Of Madness/02 - Betrayed.mp3
Norther/2003 - Mirror Of Madness/03 - Of Darkness And Light.mp3
Norther/2003 - Mirror Of Madness/04 - Midnight Walker.mp3
Norther/2003 - Mirror Of Madness/05 - Cry.mp3
Norther/2003 - Mirror Of Madness/06 - Everything Is An End.mp3
Norther/2003 - Mirror Of Madness/07 - Unleash Hell.mp3
Norther/2003 - Mirror Of Madness/08 - Dead.mp3
Norther/2003 - Mirror Of Madness/09 - Mirror Of Madness.mp3
Norther/2003 - Mirror Of Madness/11 - Smash.mp3
Moonsorrow - 2003 - Kivenkantaja
Moonsorrow/2003 - Kivenkantaja/01 - Rauniolla.mp3
Moonsorrow/2003 - Kivenkantaja/02 - Unohduksen Lapsi.mp3
Moonsorrow/2003 - Kivenkantaja/03 - Jumalten Kaupunki _ Tuhatvuotinen Perinto.mp3
Moonsorrow/2003 - Kivenkantaja/04 - Kivenkantaja.mp3
Moonsorrow/2003 - Kivenkantaja/05 - Tuulen Tytar (including Soturin Tie).mp3

I this playlist group and album names used like titles. Winamp simply skips this "files".
Audacious since 3.9 removes all unexistent files when adding such playlist.
And also audacious shows error message with unreadable file name with tons of '%' for every unexistent file.

Winamp behavior more convenient:
- Audacious should simply skip not existent files (not remove its from playlist) (since version 3.9)
- No errors should be displayed (all audacious versions)

Or at least option to enable this behavior may be added

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Revision 8c4a034f
Added by John Lindgren 2 months ago

Add non-existent files that are listed in a playlist. Closes: #746.

This was a regression caused by the fix for #731.


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