LADSPA plugins not showing up

Added by Rory Dekker 11 months ago


I am using the Macports version of Audacious. The program is running fine but unfortunately no LADSPA plugins are showing up.


Copy the LADSPA plugins to a specific folder. These plugins are also supported on MACOS
Make sure permissions are set to all users read on that folder
Start Audacious.
Go to output -> plugins -> enable LADSPA Host -> nothing is shown.
Fill in the exact location to find the LADSPA plugins and hit "enter"
result: nothing is shown
expected: copied LADSPA plugins are shown


Macmini I7 late 2012 model 16GB RAM
MACOS 10.9.5
Intel architecture
Audacious version: 3.8.

Note: no bugs concerning Ladspa support in Audacious using Macports are reported as far as I know.

Any help much appreciated. If any additional info is needed please tell me :)

Best regards,
Rory Dekker

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RE: LADSPA plugins not showing up - Added by John Lindgren 11 months ago

Mac support is experimental and hasn't seen much love lately. You could try contacting the MacPorts packager; otherwise you're pretty much on your own. Sorry.