ALSA output error - First time user

Added by Chris Denmead 5 months ago

Hi all, I just became a Linux/Audacious user for the first time so forgive me if I've missed anything obvious.
I'm currently using a Dragonfly v1.2 DAC plugged into my Linux Mint 19.2 machine, and have just started using Audacious 3.10.1
While trying to configure the ALSA output settings to use "direct hardware device without any conversions", I get "ALSA error:snd_pcm_hw_params_set_format failed: Invalid argument"
So for the time being i'm using "hardware device with all software conversions". Mixer Device: "hw:2 - Audioquest Dragonfly"
I did notice on another forum back in 2017 someone else was experiencing the exact same issue, but he managed to resolve it by simply updating to 3.9, as it was a known bug at the time.
Is this a bug that has come back or am I missing something? For the record, my Dragonfly does play back the music at the correct sample rates while i'm using "...with all software conversions". The volume indicator replicates the volume system-wide, so if I were to turn it to 100% to get 0db, I would go deaf lol. I don't know if like other music apps i've used that it should stay at maximum volume?
Any advice would be much appreciated, and thanks.

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RE: ALSA output error - First time user - Added by Chris Denmead 5 months ago


Changed Bit Depth to 24 instead of Automatic (Dragonfly only operates on 24bit, so thought that might hold the clue!). "...without any conversions" now works.

Figured out Volume as well. Left "Use software volume control" unchecked, as turning this on is what made it go 100%. So it does indeed represent volume on hardware, not software.