Audacious doesn't start

Added by Hans Wurst over 1 year ago

Hey People,

i followed the instructions given in the cheat sheet for installing audacious.
So far all went well and without any errors. However when trying to launch audacious it wont start.

When running "audacious" in a terminal i get following error:

audacious: symbol lookup error: audacious: undefined symbol: _ZNK8Playlist10next_albumEb

Can anyone tell me what this means and how to fix this?
I am using Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS


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RE: Audacious doesn't start - Added by Michael Schwendt over 1 year ago

The most likely cause is that you've misinstalled Audacious. As a first trouble-shooting step, remove any older version of Audacious and its libraries installed by you with/without using a package manager.

Verify that your executable of Audacious uses matching Audacious libraries built with the same compiler and installed into a location where they are found by the runtime linker. To examine which libraries Audacious uses, take a look at the output of: ldd $(which audacious)|grep aud