Audacious' Winamp-like behavior (docking and minimize/maximize in Winamp skin mode, and so on)

Added by Elias Elias about 1 year ago

I think Audacious needs some adjustments here. Being an open source Winamp-clone, Audacious behaves generally much like Winamp. However, sometimes it doesn't. This is also true for qmmp, which is also another open source Winamp-clone, and it would be cool if we could get a consistent Winamp-like experience with Audacious, though of course I do understand that you guys aren't responsible for qmmp development, nonetheless I'm using qmmp as a comparison in this thread.

Anyway, double clicking on the Audacious player, minimizes and maximizes the audacious player, and the playlist also does the same but it's very buggy (sometimes the playlist minimizes/maximizes, but more often than not it just doesn't work), and when minimizing/maximizing the player, the playlist follows (this is not the case with qmmp, where the playlist always stays where it is when double clicking the player, however, with qmmp, unlike Audacious, the playlist always minimizes and maximizes when double clicking it).

A few other differences here from Winamp... Winamp docks to the bottom, top and left/right sides of the screen, but also to the task bar if moved down there and not all the way down to the bottom. Audacious docks to all sides of the screen, but not the task bar. On the other hand, qmmp docks with the task bar, and all sides of the screen except the bottom.

Another thing is that with Winamp, it's possible to change songs back and forth by hovering with the mouse over the minimized playlist, and scrolling with the wheel. Both Audacious and qmmp cannot do this, and I assume it's a functionality that's noth supported in GTK/Qt? Would be really cool if Audacious added support for this though, as it's something I really like about Winamp, instead of having to switch songs by constantly clicking. Much smoother to just scroll the wheel.

Last but not least, it's possible to crop all songs except the one you right clicked on, in Winamp, and qmmp can also do this, but not Audacious. Even foobar2000 can crop, so I'm not sure why Audacious doesn't do this. With Audacious, you actually have to select all files in the playlist (ctrl+a) and either press delete or unmark one specific song and hit delete for the rest of the songs.

Point here being, there are minor inconsistencies in both Audacious and qmmp that make Winamp a nicer experience. This is why I still prefer the Winamp experience over Audacious/qmmp, even though I don't really believe in Winamp because it's closed source software. But Winamp is a well designed audio player as far behavior and skins are concerned, and it would be wonderful if Audacious could fix these minor issues in its Winamp 2.x user interface mode.