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September 18, 2020

15:22 Audacious Audacious: RE: Audacious' open source license?
So basically, Qt Audacious is a completely different project than the original XMMS/BMP descended GTK Audacious? Beca...

September 14, 2020

04:15 Audacious Audacious: Audacious' open source license?
Being a fork of Beep Media Player, which itself is a fork of XMMS, this means Audacious is lineage-wise, a descendant...
04:05 Audacious Audacious: Audacious' Winamp-like behavior (docking and minimize/maximize in Winamp skin mode, and so on)
I think Audacious needs some adjustments here. Being an open source Winamp-clone, Audacious behaves generally much li...
03:22 Audacious Audacious: Musepack decoding
Any possibility that Audacious will ever support Musepack? According to
03:05 Audacious Audacious: RE: Thank you for Audacious!
I'd also like to give a big thanks here. Over the years I've read on the official Winamp forum, especially since Wina...

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