Dark mode & equaliser

Added by olivier GT 6 months ago

I have been using Audacious on Windows 10 for a few months now and this audio player is really great! Well done to the developers.

I will have two questions please:

1. Is it possible to have a "Dark Mode" in Audacious, like in the screenshot of the home page ?

2. I did several test settings with the equalizer, which I saved, but it is impossible to delete or modify them, except to create a new one, but I have a lot now lol, is-it possible to edit a saved setting or delete it ?

Thanks for your help, and have a good day.

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RE: Dark mode & equaliser - Added by Eric B about 2 months ago

Hey olivier, what's up. Sorry it took a few days to get this to you, I'm new to both linux and audacious myself so I don't come here except for more help. :D

That being said, I'm huge into the dark interface myself so I can at least answer your first question. I use winamp skins myself, they're all over the place. That requires you to use the winamp classic interface, which is much smaller than the original interface, but it's totally configurable. You could do a quick search for winamp skins, or you could just head over to There's about ten zillion skins there, and I downloaded a few from there myself with no issues, and yes, I am using Ubuntu 20.04 LTS so it will work for you too.

After you download your skins, be sure and copy them over to /usr/share/audacious/Skins/ then right click on the main audacious window and choose Settings. It should open to Appearance on the left, and you just choose Winamp Classic Interface from the pulldown menu. When you do that your skins will be shown in the list. Also, you don't have to shut down and restart audacious to reload the skins directory, just drop them in there and go back to Settings.

Have fun!