About improvements of the Windows version of Audacious

Added by Pascual Lucero over 7 years ago


Given that for reasons John explained in a different topic, 3.2.x versions would be around for some time in Windows, I would like to ask if some improvements can be made to the Windows versions 3.2.x:

1) In concrete: Given that the .zip file is not an installer (so, in principle you can't see Audacious on the list of installed programs) you can't easily make associations by looking at the list of installed programs. But if you look at the executable, audacious.exe, then when you right click the file in the future to check the "Open with ..." option, it would say "audacious.exe" instead of simply "Audacious" like any other program (for example, open with "Winamp", "VLC", not "winamp.exe", "vlc.exe"). For example, Eclipse is another program that can be used in Windows by extracting some .zip like Audacious, but you can see "Eclipse" instead of "eclipse.exe".

In my case, I tried to created some shortcut that would say "Audacious" and make the associations to the shortcut, but perhaps this simple behavior I am asking can be achieved by you before, when creating the .exe file.

2) Can the option of hiding the close button in the playlist tabs that Thomas added in 3.3 be implemented in the Windows version 3.2.5?

3) The status icon plugin in Windows doesn't allow to change volume as in the linux version. I suspect, in my ignorance that make this volume change work might be difficult. Am I right? Or this can be solved easily?

Thanks a lot ... probably as well as you, I am a Linux user at home but the computer I must have at work has Windows installed by default, and definitely want to use a good and lightweight program for listening to music. Winamp is too bloated and complicated now (specially since I want to listen to music and radio stations, not videos and other multimedia stuff), Windows Media Player is even worse and well, so Audacious constitutes my salvation also in the Windows world.