Regex -> g_regex migration?

Added by Carlo Bramini over 7 years ago

I discovered (at least, I think so...) that GLib has also the ability to parse regular expressions through the g_regex_*() functions.
Since Audacious is heavily based on GLib and since it is currently using posix functions for regular expressions in just two files (playlist-utils.c for src/audacious and ui_jumptotrack_cache.c for src/libaudgui), if the functions into GLib are useful for the purpose, they may be used instead.
In this way, some stuff could be simplified: detection removed from configure, library and include variables removed from Makefiles, deletion of ui_regex.h and its references.
The GLib Reference Manual states that those functions are provided since 2.14, so it would be a safe choice for both GTK+2 and GTK+3 branches.
Last but not last, this should allow to exclude one DLL in the package with the binaries for Windows.

Do you think that it could be possible and it could be a good idea?