Possibility to allow resizing of Columns in Audacious and questions about "GTK interface" in 3.2

Added by Pascual Lucero almost 10 years ago

Hello again,

First at all, thanks to the developers for this wonderful audio player (in case I didn't say thanks before) :)

In second place, I would like to ask if there is a chance to revert (or improve) "Several improvements to the GTK interface" announced in Audacious 3.2. I am using this in Windows and Linux and I have found some problems I didn't see in previous versions:

- I cannot resize (change width) columns in the player. I don't remember if I could do this before, but the "Entry Number" column is just too wide and doesn't look nice in the new version.

- I preferred (personal opinion), the playlist tabs without the close buttons. I personally don't think this is a improvement, given the fact the new design takes much more space (In my case, I manage 7 playlists). Previously, I could use the right button in the mouse to close a playlist and the design looked nice and simple; the button seems innecesary to me. Again, just a personal opinion of a loyal user :)

Thanks for your attention.