Possibility to allow resizing of Columns in Audacious and questions about "GTK interface" in 3.2

Added by Pascual Lucero about 8 years ago

Hello again,

First at all, thanks to the developers for this wonderful audio player (in case I didn't say thanks before) :)

In second place, I would like to ask if there is a chance to revert (or improve) "Several improvements to the GTK interface" announced in Audacious 3.2. I am using this in Windows and Linux and I have found some problems I didn't see in previous versions:

- I cannot resize (change width) columns in the player. I don't remember if I could do this before, but the "Entry Number" column is just too wide and doesn't look nice in the new version.

- I preferred (personal opinion), the playlist tabs without the close buttons. I personally don't think this is a improvement, given the fact the new design takes much more space (In my case, I manage 7 playlists). Previously, I could use the right button in the mouse to close a playlist and the design looked nice and simple; the button seems innecesary to me. Again, just a personal opinion of a loyal user :)

Thanks for your attention.