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Added by Nils Altenbach about 5 years ago

Is there a plugin which adds a web interface to Audacious, for basic operations (start, stop, volume control, fwd/back in playlist, etc.), and if there isn't, how hard is it to create one?

In other words: On a machine that is already running an HTTP server (Apache, lighttpd, whatever), would it be possible to create some "glue" plugin code connecting Audacious to a PHP script running on the web server? Or should I rather try to take a minimalist web server and turn the whole thing into a plugin?

I'm just asking because I'd like to be able to control an instance of Audacious running on my main PC from any web browser (like that on my smartphone).

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RE: Web Interface - Added by John Lindgren about 5 years ago

I don't think this has been done before, but perhaps you could run audtool from a PHP script? I expect Audacious would have to be running with the same UID as the web server, and you might have to do some D-Bus trickery similar to

RE: Web Interface - Added by Nils Altenbach about 5 years ago

I think I'll try that. Until then, I'll use Remuco, which uses a smartphone app instead of a HTML interface.

RE: Web Interface - Added by Edward McCurdy almost 5 years ago

I read this and was about to recommend that a friend switch to a different player that had a well supported android remote control app, but that was unacceptable, so I wrote this one page web app to control audacious in python.

Any mobile or tablet with a browser can be controlling the player after entering a simple url.
The page has buttons for play/pause/shuffle/volume and a playlist that allow enqueing or switching tracks.

The python package is here: [[]]
It can be installed using the pip command:

pip install audman

and then run with the command

audman.png (77.9 KB) audman.png audacious web remote screenshot