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error reading metadata

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October 19, 2020
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I have many files that only Audacious won't play. Been that way on all versions. Never changed.
Here is an example:/home/bt/Music/ALBUMS/The Hollies - 1967 - Butterfly


Hope someone can fix this VERY old problem. For years I thought I had bad files, NO, just a bad player.
I really like the features of Audacious, but it needs to play every song thrown at itlike every other player in the world.
And, yes the box is ticked for it to guess at missing metadata.
version 4.0.5

Screenshot_2021-04-18_22-28-58.png (45.6 KB) Screenshot_2021-04-18_22-28-58.png screenshot Binjomin Szanto-Varnagy, April 18, 2021 20:29


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This is not editing this is adding info. I wanted to fix a typo but you all don't understand the word "edit" obviously.

#2 Updated by John Lindgren 7 months ago

Please attach an example of a file that won't play.

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Closing due to lack of response.

#4 Updated by Binjomin Szanto-Varnagy 28 days ago

I am using 4.1, and cannot play the following file:

It says, "error reading metadata" in dialog box.

Furthermore, in the status bar it says:

avformat_open_input failed: Invalid data found when processing input

The file was generated using youtube-dl --audio-format vorbis, and any other program I tried opens it besides Audacious.

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