Bug #1042

[32bit] Qt status icon menu has several problems

Added by Anonymous about 3 years ago. Updated about 3 years ago.

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December 24, 2020
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it's possible, that this is 32bit specific.

with close to system tray enabled, closing works fine, but then, there's no GUI way to get it back. You should probably copy the way VLC is doing it, with a hide/unhide menu entry at the top.

disabling the popup menu doesn't work.

when started as headless. If you press on "open files" or "settings" the whole program crashes with a Qt error. I think, these entries should be grayed out when headless.

I didn't tested scrolling. It seams there's a contradiction between scrolling for volume, and scrolling up to advance in the playlist.

Audacious 4.0.5 (Ubuntu package) (version, not in the list)
from the provided ppa, 32bit ubuntu 18.04, on a very old laptop.


#1 Updated by John Lindgren about 3 years ago

You can left-click on the status icon to show the UI again.

Please see if these fixes resolve the crash in headless mode for you:

#2 Updated by Anonymous about 3 years ago

I'm supposed to compile it?

Hi! Welcome, you've found the website of the upstream Audacious project. We provide and distribute the source code. Other projects/individuals build binary packages from the source code we provide.

#3 Updated by John Lindgren about 3 years ago

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Oops, I fat-fingered and edited your comment, sorry. Anyway, the bug is fixed, closing.

File a bug against MATE for breaking left-click on the status icon. It sounds like that affects other applications as well.

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