Bug #332

metadata updating failed and other weird tag issues

Added by il lumilore almost 11 years ago. Updated over 10 years ago.

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August 07, 2013
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When I load up certain ogg songs, audacious fails to read the tag data(track details). If I attempt to edit the tag data, it says metadata updating failed when save is clicked.

If I load the same song up in amarok, it does read tag data. If I edit the tags in mp3tag, it changes nothing in either amarok or audacious, so there maybe something weird with the file itself, but I have observed this behaviour over multiple files.

using 3.4, in kubuntu 13.04 x64

Agni Kai Avatar.ogg (1020 KB) Agni Kai Avatar.ogg il lumilore, August 07, 2013 00:22


#1 Updated by John Lindgren almost 11 years ago

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P. S. This bug can't possibly affect version 3.4.1 because the latest version is still 3.4.

#2 Updated by il lumilore over 10 years ago

I am getting this bug in 3.4.1. My test song is 10MB so I can't upload it here, but I kept getting metadata updating failed error when using audacious to try to change the tags, then I stripped the cover art, and suddenly audacious was able to change the metadata successfully. Audacious was also not able to see the cover art, if that matters.

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