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Hide DURATION; AOSD behavior

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December 06, 2013
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i'm using 3.4.1 (debian 3.4.1-1 (testing)), openbox wm.

Set "Song Display > Title format: > TITLE" (I also deselect "Show song numbers" and "Show leading zeroes" if it matters)

Load 2+ files into the playlist, start playing the first file. The program's titlebar displays "TITLE (DURATION)", as does the AOSD plugin. This already seems off to me, like it should only show "TITLE".

With file still playing, set "Title format: > ARTIST - TITLE"; both titlebar and AOSD immediately change to reflect this, but the titlebar still includes (DURATION) at the end, whereas AOSD dropped it and reflects exactly "ARTIST - TITLE".

Change it back to "TITLE" and AOSD still only shows exactly "TITLE", but let it keep playing, when it switches to the next track, AOSD now includes (DURATION) at the end again.

I would like to hide DURATION (or whatever you call it) in titlebar and AOSD.

Can we also disable the time limit of the AOSD? The max I can get is five minutes, if I set Display, Fade in, and Fade out all to 99999. I thought of setting them all to 0 but it doesn't do it.

You're wonderful and thank you for all your work!


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Not really a bug, although I agree that the current behavior is confusing.

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