Bug #42

Cover image retrieve preferences are hard to find

Added by Jacopo Lorenzetti almost 10 years ago. Updated over 9 years ago.

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January 11, 2012
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The options to control the way Audacious searches for cover images (which words to look for in the filenames, whether to perform a recursive search, etc.) are currently found by opening the Popup Information Settings dialog box from the Popup Information section of the Playlist preferences.

But the retrieval of cover images is not a feature of the popup information box only. Cover images are in effect retrieved and displayed in many places (the Info Bar, the Track Information dialog box, etc.) and are not necessarily related to the popup information.

A user wanting to fine-tune the retrieval of the cover images displayed in his Info Bar (for example) won't look at the 'Popup Information' settings. I think the most intuitive and appropriate place would be the Metadata section (see attached mockup).

coverimagepreferences-mockup.png (93.4 KB) coverimagepreferences-mockup.png Jacopo Lorenzetti, January 11, 2012 22:55
song-info-prefs.png (68.5 KB) song-info-prefs.png Screenshot John Lindgren, May 02, 2012 17:41


#1 Updated by John Lindgren over 9 years ago

I made a new "Song Info" page and moved album art and popup information settings to it; see screenshot. Things should be a lot easier to find now.

#2 Updated by Jacopo Lorenzetti over 9 years ago

Very nice, it does make sense.

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