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Add ReplayGain support for ALAC files

Added by Simon Putt about 3 years ago. Updated about 3 years ago.

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October 22, 2017
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I have encoded some CDs into ALAC in standard m4a container, and added the usual tags/cover art and added replaygain tags with Ex Falso (in Linux Fedora 27)

When I play these files back in Clementine they play back fine, with the volume being lowered by the replaygain tags (I tested this by unticking the reticking the option and the volume raised and lowered as expected)

When I play these files in Audacious the tags are ignored (I looked at the verbose Log, and it said AlbumGain/TrackGain etc was 0)

The only difference I can see is that Clementine uses gstreamer as back end and Audacious FFMPEG?

this is from the log of audacious playing an ALAC file

INFO [output_set_replay_gain]: Replay Gain info:
INFO [output_set_replay_gain]: album gain: 0.000000 dB
INFO [output_set_replay_gain]: album peak: 0.000000
INFO [output_set_replay_gain]: track gain: 0.000000 dB
INFO [output_set_replay_gain]: track peak: 0.000000

same again from a random FLAC I have

INFO [output_set_replay_gain]: Replay Gain info:
INFO [output_set_replay_gain]: album gain: -9.630000 dB
INFO [output_set_replay_gain]: album peak: 1.000000
INFO [output_set_replay_gain]: track gain: -9.980000 dB
INFO [output_set_replay_gain]: track peak: 0.976000

I am using Fedora Linux 27, used abcde as ripper and configured it to encode alac with ffmpeg

Basically, it plays the files, but ignores the ReplayGain tags.

Many thanks, Lemon


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This has never been supported, but a patch would be welcome to implement it.

Is there any particular reason you've chosen ALAC? FLAC is generally better supported by Audacious and other open-source software.

#2 Updated by Simon Putt about 3 years ago

Chosen ALAC as I need lossless and Support on iDevices.

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