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SndStretch In Real-Time

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March 22, 2012
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Having a speed- and pitch-switcher in Audacious has loads of potential uses, one being practicing instruments or vocals alongside a song at a speed and pitch which is appropriate. However, I personally always resort to using a different tool such as PlayItSlowly because Audacious requires the song to be restarted to make any change to the pitch or speed of the song using SndStretch. This is really distracting and also seems quite unnecessary - it's a real pain when you're trying to match up keys and you can't just slide the bar around until it sounds right. I propose, therefore, that the SndStretch plugin (or some equivalent or replacement if neccessary) is made to work and be modifiable whilst a song is playing, so you can shift pitch and speed whenever you wish.


#1 Updated by John Lindgren over 9 years ago

The current behavior may seem "unnecessary" to you, but on the technical side of things it will require some major changes to Audacious's output core to change the speed of the song while playing without messing up timing calculations. I have been working on the necessary changes, and what you want should be possible, but it needs a little more work still.

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