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Optionally make "previous track" restart current track

Added by Carlos Pita almost 4 years ago. Updated 6 months ago.

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February 16, 2019
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Audacious is very peculiar in that the "previous track" action always goes to the previous track, while almost every other player out there go to the beginning of the current track (except when the current track hasn't played for more than a few seconds). This behavior is very annoying, I wouldn't say per se, but at least because of a "muscle memory" developed along years and even decades. I'm proposing to add a simple checkbox in the settings dialog to let the user choose the traditional behavior in case he/she so desires.

A similar feature was requested recently ( and the request was rejected because there already is a key shortcut for the desired behavior. But this isn't taking into account the CLI and the potential multimedia key bindings. Many users configure their window managers keys to call the CLI of their music players.

This is why I'm proposing to add a toggle: it's not invasive for users accustomed to the peculiar behavior of audacious and it covers all cases by directly modifying the meaning of "previous track".


#1 Updated by Carlos Pita almost 4 years ago

If you don't like the idea of adding a setting for this, at least add a CLI option to get the standard behavior, say -R/--Rew

#2 Updated by John Lindgren almost 4 years ago

For the CLI, this should do roughly what you want:


if test `audtool current-song-output-length-seconds` -ge 3 ; then
  audtool playback-seek 0
  audtool playlist-reverse

#3 Updated by Carlos Pita almost 4 years ago

Didn't know about audtool, it's nice to see that you can do such things from the CLI.

Still I think a toggle to optionally make audacious behave like every other player in this humble but pervasive aspect would be a nice feature, at least out of politeness.

And writing and script that launches a bash process plus two audtool ones just to go back seems a bit overkilling to me. Not that I've not done similar things many times before.

#4 Updated by John Lindgren almost 4 years ago

  • Subject changed from Add flag to make -r and back button behave the usual way to Optionally make "previous track" restart current track

#5 Updated by John Lindgren 6 months ago

  • Status changed from New to Rejected

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