Bug #957

Scrubber grows and shrinks as elapsed time changes

Added by J. King about 4 years ago. Updated about 4 years ago.

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April 08, 2020
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I'm not sure if this was also the case with the GTK interface, but the length of the Qt scrubber depends on the displayed elapsed time (the size of which is not fixed). This means that every second, the size of the scrubber (and the position of the current time on the scrubber) changes. This is also a problem while manipulating the scrubber, such that dragging the marker around will lead it to jitter beneath the mouse cursor. This is particularly distracting with 10+ minute tracks when crossing the ten-minute boundary and an entire digit is added to the elapsed time.


#1 Updated by John Lindgren about 4 years ago

This has always been the case in the GTK interface as well.

You can get rid of the width change at 10:00 by enabling the setting: Playlist -> Song Display -> Show leading zeroes.

The width might still change by a pixel or two if the font has irregular digits. And it will still change if you listen past 1:00:00.

Do you have a suggestion for how to solve this? I guess the current behavior seems "good enough" to me personally.

#2 Updated by John Lindgren about 4 years ago

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