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January 19, 2012

11:54 Audacious Bug #52 (Rejected): Vertical list view of playlists
In the current horizontal tabs view of playlists, if you have more than a couple of playlists, you need to expand the...
11:39 Audacious Feature #51 (New): Option to inhibit suspend
One sometimes uses the computer just as a hifi and an option to inhibit suspend (not screensaver) is necessary for th...
11:38 Audacious Feature #50 (Rejected): Hierarchical/expandable view
Current list view of songs is not very helpful if you have 1000 albums. An hierarchical/expandable album/songs view o...

January 06, 2012

06:43 Audacious Feature #35 (Closed): Ability to disable the animation in Info Bar
Would be good to have the option to disable the animation in Info Bar, as it's distracting (for me annoying).

December 13, 2011

21:44 Audacious Audacious: A couple of suggestions
Thank you for Audacious. It's brilliant, but a couple of things would make it much more functional for all I guess:

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