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lyricWiky plugin error

Added by Zsolt Bákonyi 21 days ago. Updated 10 days ago.

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Affects version:3.8.2


Unable to pearse any lyricWiky response. For example:

Nem sikerült értelmezni: http://lyrics.wikia.com/index.php?action=edit&title=Shalamar:Make_That_Move

snap1.png (45.7 kB) Zsolt Bákonyi, July 02, 2017 20:13

snap2.png (50.6 kB) Zsolt Bákonyi, July 02, 2017 20:13

snap3.png (52.2 kB) Zsolt Bákonyi, July 02, 2017 20:13

screenshot.png (48.4 kB) John Lindgren, July 08, 2017 01:24

Editing Shalamar_Make That Move Lyrics _ LyricWikia _ Fandom powered by Wikia.html Magnifier - html source (55.3 kB) Zsolt Bákonyi, July 08, 2017 08:32

Screenshot_20170708_082024.png - screenshot (259.9 kB) Zsolt Bákonyi, July 08, 2017 08:32


#1 Updated by Zsolt Bákonyi 20 days ago

pearse = parse

#2 Updated by Thomas Lange 20 days ago

  • Assignee deleted (John Lindgren)

What's the exact error message? Is the transport plugin "Neon HTTP/HTTPS" enabled?

#3 Updated by Zsolt Bákonyi 20 days ago

Yes, Neon plugin is enabled. I can show you only screenshots. They are in Hungarian, because this is the system language.

#4 Updated by John Lindgren 17 days ago

LANG=C audacious will give error messages in English. That would be helpful.

#5 Updated by Zsolt Bákonyi 17 days ago

Thank you for your help. The message is:


Unable to parse http://lyrics.wikia.com/index.php?action=edit&title=D_A_N_C_E_G_R_O_O_V_E_._R_A_D_I_O_-_W_E_P_L_A_Y_._Y_O_U_R_._I_M_A_G_I_N_A_T_I_O_N_._._._%21_DanceGroove%3AIvan%20-%20Fotonovella%20-%2012%20inch%20-%201983

#6 Updated by John Lindgren 14 days ago

If you follow that link, you'll find that it takes you to a new edit page (no lyrics entered yet). Do songs that are already in the LyricWiki database work correctly, or do they have the same problem?

#7 Updated by John Lindgren 14 days ago

#8 Updated by John Lindgren 14 days ago

  • Target version deleted (3.8.3)

The song in your original example works for me:

#9 Updated by John Lindgren 14 days ago

My best guess right now is that the LyricWiki server is giving you a different response based on IP address, or there is a proxy blocking the download. Can you please attach the exact HTML file you get from downloading the link in the issue description (http://lyrics.wikia.com/index.php?action=edit&title=Shalamar:Make_That_Move)?

#10 Updated by Zsolt Bákonyi 14 days ago

Files attached. I forgot to mention, LyricWiki plugin was working for long time, both on my machines. ( Ubuntu 14.04LTS and Ubuntu 16.04LTS, 64 bit ) I've noticed this error about 2-3 weeks ago, and it's appeared same time on my machines ( both ). And of course this problem is constant with all of my song ( few thousands ) but before this it was always working like the charm.

It's a bit strange, why does it want to use the editing page of LyricWiki?

#11 Updated by John Lindgren 14 days ago

  • Status changed from New to Rejected

The HTML is about the same as I get here (which works fine for me). You'll want to look at what updates you installed on your machines 2-3 weeks ago to determine what caused the issue. We've ruled out a bug in Audacious and a proxy issue, so it's likely going to be a bug in one of the libraries that Audacious depends on (for example, GLib or libxml).

#12 Updated by Zsolt Bákonyi 11 days ago

Which platform have you tested on?

#13 Updated by John Lindgren 10 days ago

Zsolt Bákonyi wrote:

Which platform have you tested on?

Arch Linux, Debian, FreeBSD, Windows (XP and 10). LyricWiki works perfectly on all of them.

#14 Updated by Zsolt Bákonyi 10 days ago

Ok, I understand. Just think about my opinion:

You've tested it on a small ( FreeBSD ) and on a deprecated OS ( XP??? ). Works perfectly. But NOT tested on one of the biggest Linux distribution: Ubuntu. Does XP matters and Ubuntu not? Why don't you try it on a bare Ubuntu 16.04? If you say LyricWiki works on it, i can accept my machines fault. But I can't look after what updates I had 2-3 weeks ago, and I don't want to hacking'em, because I update my systems via official apt-get repository.

Whatever you decide, Audacious is still the best audio player with or without LyricWiki. My primary consideration was to use a music player with my USB audio DAC, without any software conversation. And Audacious does it! Perfect! Just LyricWiki confusing a bit,because it was working for a long time ( I think I used it min. 1 year long ), and suddenly not.

Cheers :)

#15 Updated by John Lindgren 10 days ago

I'm not affiliated with nor in the business of supporting any particular OS. If you want support for Ubuntu, hire someone.

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