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Added by pepe sanchez over 8 years ago

How can I see the genre at the library list column?
The are year, artists etc, but not the genre.
I have tryed using the custom option, but it's not working to me.
Thanks a lot

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RE: view genre - Added by John Lindgren over 8 years ago

I added a feature request for this; it should be easy to add a genre column.

RE: view genre - Added by pepe sanchez over 8 years ago


Thanks very for the answer.
I have a couple of questions.
what would your opinion be about grouping the artist and albums in a menu tree?
It would be quicker to find a song in a big music collection.
What about to enqueue a song with double click at the active playlist?
I am using ubuntu 10.04.I can't find 3.2 version even at the ppa.
Do you know a place to find it?
Thanks a lot.

RE: view genre - Added by Lightning Rose about 8 years ago


Please try Select-o-Magic 3000. It may not look like a tree at first glance, but that's how it works, and it integrates well with Audacious.