Crossfade on latest git hiccups

Added by Chris Laurie over 7 years ago

Hi All

I just pulled the git sources and re-compiled on Raspbian. The crossfade functionality hiccups as the next track is loaded. At the point the next track must start (which starts at vol 0) the playing track momentarily gives no output before continuing at the volume it was and then the crossfade works fine. The crssfade on skip seems to work fine. I have been playing with using multiple instances ut that does not seem to e causing this.

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RE: Crossfade on latest git hiccups - Added by John Lindgren over 7 years ago

It's hard to tell without more information, but maybe the songs have different sample rates or a different number of channels? That would force the output stream to be reset. Or the CPU/storage on the Pi can't keep up and you just need to use a larger audio buffer.