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Added by dabud grabow almost 4 years ago

I have a set of single mp3 files from an album that will play individually in Audacious.
I wrapped these files using mp3wrap and they will not play in Audacious. The error reads
"Error playing file:///home/fileedit/preedit/Lake%20Street%20Dive-Lake%20Street%20Dive/album_MP3WRAP.mp3:error reading metadata".
The program mp3wrap says it can include NON-mp3 files inside an archive following certain rules which I did, but it still gave me the above error.
I removed the non mp3 files and rewrapped it without them, but I still got the same error.
What does "error reading meta data" mean and what can I do to get this mp3wraped album to play?
Thank you.

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RE: error reading metadata - Added by Robert Doeterniettoe over 1 year ago

Thank you guys for answering his question.

I have the same problem. There is nothing wrong with the file, it can be played with all the other programs I have, but Audacious isn't able and apparently the community doesn't give a fuck about it.

Goodbye Audacious!

RE: error reading metadata - Added by Thomas Lange over 1 year ago

A better way to report problems like this is creating a bug report at
And most important attach an example of such an mp3 file.