Error: code 28

Added by JP Farmer 19 days ago

This may be a little off topic, I'll ask first and seek forgiveness later.

I keep getting the following error playing mp3's that I ripped from vinal with streamripper in a round about way. I suspect that the mp3 files have minor problems with headers or something like that (ie.: not an actual problem with Audacious). I am running Audacious 3.7 because this is running on an older headless Rasperry Pi (Raspian (Debian) 7) and I don't want to mess around updating the OS or building a newer version of Audacious. And, as mentioned, I don't think that it is an Audacious problem anyway. It happens randomly, sometimes a song will play just fine and next time I get the error.

The songs are in a sub-directory and I just play the sub-directory. Ie.: audacious /home/jogl/Music/3_PokerMix.

ERROR [print_mpg123_error]: mpg123 error in file:///home/jogl/Music/3_PokerMix/New%20Order%20-%20Blue%20Monday%20%28Retro%20Dance%29.mp3: Failed to find valid MPEG data within limit on resync. (code 28)

Any ideas about how to fix the problem easily?


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RE: Error: code 28 - Added by Ariadne Conill 12 days ago

Use something like mp3check to fix the files Streamripper creates.