Make chokes on "audgui_get_mouse_coords"

Added by Steve DeMarco about 8 years ago

First of all, thanks for the quick response on fixing Bug#99 regarding the eq presets.

Now I'm trying to build plugins with the latest b56646c changes and getting the following during my "make":

Live child 0x08134a68 ( PID 30591
statusicon.plugin.o: In function `si_popup_show':
/initrd/mnt/dev_save/build-folder/audacious-media-player-audacious-plugins-b56646c/src/statusicon/statusicon.c:152: undefined reference to `audgui_get_mouse_coords'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
Failed to link!

Thank you kindly for any advice or help...8-)

-Steve D

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RE: Make chokes on "audgui_get_mouse_coords" - Added by John Lindgren about 8 years ago

You have mismatched core and plugin versions. Completely uninstall everything related to Audacious (core, libraries, and plugins) and then reinstall only the Git versions.

RE: Make chokes on "audgui_get_mouse_coords" - Added by Steve DeMarco about 8 years ago

John, I followed your advice and downloaded all the latest dev files. After that both Audacious and Audacious-Plugins built perfectly without a hitch and now I have a working version of 3.3-dev on Puppy 5.2.8 with the kernel. The only system change I had to make was comment out any attempts to turn on the GTK_NATIVE_WINDOWS environment variable in my /etc/profile file, because when booting from a console I was getting an error message:

Gdk-WARNING **: The GDK_NATIVE_WINDOWS environment variable is not supported in GTK3. See the documentation for gdk_window_ensure_native() on how to get native windows.

So far everything looks great. I will let you know if I run across any issues. Thank you sincerely for your kind help.

-Steve D